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quote Moving is a pain. There aren't a lot of great properties and side streets are so narrow. This firm did a great job of getting us to our new home in a snap! Couldn't believe how easy this moving company was to work with.

  • Donna
  • 21Aug 2019

quote After reading all the reviews I felt confident using Poplar Removal Company when moving home and I'm glad I did. Not only are they very good at what they do but cheap too.

  • Aurora Sjav
  • 25Apr 2018

quote For removals made easy, I sought the help of Moving to Poplar and it really was a great decision, a choice that saved me a lot of stress and undue worrying.

  • Martin F.
  • 31May 2017

quote My family met Poplar Removal Services and it changed our lives. It made our moving experience such an easier thing to go through. Thank you all.

  • Bobbie
  • 15Mar 2017

quote I was pleased with the removal van I hired to move my son to college in another area. We were on a budget and a friend suggested we used Poplar Removal Company. He had rented a van from them before and was very happy with the rates and service. We too received an excellent service for a good price. Also, the customer service was helpful in arranging the right size vehicle for our needs and gave us loading and unloading tips. The vans were high quality and could be rented for as long as we wanted, which was useful as we had a fair distance to go.

  • Danny Briggs
  • 21Apr 2016

quote Two weeks ago, PoplarRemovals helped me when I was moving house. The movers did most of it for me, actually, so it was really easy and laid back and didn't require much input from me, thank goodness. All in all, I was very impressed. The team loaded, unloaded and carried most of my boxes to my front door for me. My move was so simple and straightforward and it is all thanks to this superb company. You get a free quote, as well, when you call their office.

  • Jess Allan
  • 17Dec 2014

quote When it comes down to ensuring that you are getting your removals sorted in an efficient way, you need to be aware of the facts. The fact is that some removals companies are not dedicated to getting you moved as much as they are stretching the amount of cash that they can get out of you. Companies like PoplarRemovals, who we have used a few times, are being undone by rubbish firms that try to undercut them on price, and then do a terrible job. Go with the best, hire PoplarRemovals and get the job done well!

  • D. Cox
  • 10Sep 2014

quote When I needed a furniture removal company I knew that PoplarRemovals would be my first choice. Lots of friends of mine have used their various removal services before, and although I'd never given them a call myself, I'd heard great things and was eager to see what all of the fuss was about. The company was professional from start to finish, giving me advice and practical help when moving day arrived. The staff were considerate and polite, and getting the job done was easy thanks to their experience. This is a really good removals company and I really appreciate their help!

  • Al
  • 31Jul 2014

quote In many senses of the word, reliability is the main thing that you need from a removals company. I need a removals company to be prompt, safe, efficient and hard working, and with PoplarRemovals I got all of that and more. The team were excellent to work with, all well trained on the job, and there was nothing to complain of in terms of price, damages, speed etcetera. I was very happy with how it all went ahead, and was surprised that the cost was as low as it was, given how good a job they did for me.

  • Joseph Wood
  • 16Jul 2014

quote My brother moved house last month and I recommended PoplarRemovals because I had used them in the past, I was hoping they would live up to their name and because I had recommended them I didn't want to get in the neck, if it all went pear shaped. Anyway It was a success and he called me today to say thank you for the recommendation and how pleased he was with the service, so thank you again for helping my brother to move in so fast, he is well pleased at how hard you guys work and he said he couldn't have done it better if he had tried!

  • Liam J.
  • 02Jun 2014

quote I want to say a gigantic thanks to all the lads at PoplarRemovals for making sure my first move went smoothly and there was no stress involved. I couldn't have been more impressed with their services and I would just love to say that I was more than happy with them for the price too! So, for anyone wondering whether to book with this moving company - do! All I can say is that you will find no better, more trustworthy company than this company. The lads helped me every step of the way with my move and made it just so easy!

  • Martin
  • 13May 2014

quote I can't remember ever having such an easy moving experience. After having PoplarRemovals recommended to me by a few friends, I was keen to see whether they could live up to all of the compliments that they had received. I am happy to say that they passed the test with flying colours and that they made the entire moving experience a great deal easier. For those who are looking to move quickly and easily, I can think of no better experience or company out there to help. They really did a lot for me, so give them a call.

  • Judy Morgan
  • 29Apr 2014

quote PoplarRemovals is the best removals company I've ever used! I move around quite a lot because of my job, and though I don't have many things, it's always too much of a hassle to move using my own small car. I wanted to hire a man with a van this time around, and after speaking to friends and family and doing some thorough online research, I decided to try this removal company. I'm really happy that I did! Not only are they affordable and reliable, but they have lots of experience and they're all very professional. I'm very happy with the service I received!

  • Andrew W.
  • 04Apr 2014

quote Storage really isn't something to get excited about. For what it is it is usually incredibly expensive and I have paid through the nose in the past. That was until I found PoplarRemovals a few months ago. For a removal company they seem to do pretty well with their storage. It's cheap and my unit is really-nicely located a few minutes drive from my house. Now I haven't tried any of their removal services but I think when the time comes for some, I will be going straight to these guys. They just seem to get things right in terms of service, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them.

  • Linda T.
  • 18Feb 2014